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Pay for Performance

Creative Communication’s Pay for Performance model is a turnkey business-to-business telesales and lead generation programme that delivers real results, more effectively and at lower cost than you would at first imagine. We understand the importance of getting results with a rapid return on your investment.

Our aim is to build a long-term relationship, acting as an extended arm of your business’ sales and marketing function.  In simple terms, we share the investment risk and, in return, expect to benefit from your growth. 

The first stage is to implement a pilot project in order to provide a demonstration of the potential increase in performance attainable. This will help us to determine how successful the campaign will be and assign a fee structure based on either on each qualified lead or appointment generated.

We deliver consistent performance, ensuring a constant flow of premium appointments or leads, guaranteed at a pre-agreed and fixed unit price. So you always know precisely what to expect and how much it’s going to cost your business. 

Having a continuous stream of quality leads and prospective customers will free up your sales force, allowing them to concentrate on the sales conversion process.

If you need a company to help build awareness for your business, Creative Communications is the logical choice.

  • Only pay for performance
  • Minimal set-up fee
  • Gain in-depth understanding of your business
  • Flexible terms

To discuss how Pay for Performance to boost your sales drive, or for a quotation without obligation, Contact Us today.

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