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Business to Business Appointment Setting

Want to increase your sales? But dislike cold calling?
Do you need to win more business and get a better return on your investment?
Business to business sales appointment making could be the answer.

The Problem:

The majority of companies today have sales admin staff or sales representatives who just don’t have the time for making cold calls or for b2b appointment setting. No one likes rejection! Making direct sales calls which result in business to business sales appointment making requires discipline, clear communication, determination and commitment.

  • Maybe you can't get enough good sales people to cover the market fast enough or who give up too easy
  • You may find that the contacts on a mailing list rarely lead to a sale at all. The results are often poor with a lot of time wasted chasing the wrong person.
  • Or maybe you’re encountering the Catch-22 of sales: the more time your sales reps devote to prospecting, the less time they have to sell; and the more time your sales reps spend with their current customers, the less time they have for finding new customers.

Our Business to Business Appointment Setting Services

Creative Communications can jump start your company’s sales growth, turn around a sales decline, help you increase your market share, broaden your customer base, and take your business to the next level.

Creative Communications’ business to business appointment setting services will supply your sales team with qualified appointments with ‘key decision makers’ – so you can concentrate on what you do best - making your presentation and closing the sale.

For more details on our b2b appointment setting services, or for a quotation without obligation, Contact Us today.

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