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Useful Stuff

Why use telemarketing?

The use of telemarketing in business-to-business marketing is a highly effective way of opening dialogue with new prospects and winning business.

People are more receptive to marketing calls as part of their working day than they are at home. Few business-to-business sales are made without at least some telephone contact with a prospective customer.

A dedicated telemarketing campaign could help you to:

  • Build your database
  • Generate leads and appointments for your sales teams
  • Follow up responses to direct-mail campaigns
  • Keep in touch with customers between orders
  • Renew relationships with lapsed customers

Some tips in telesales

It is often said that when we speak we convey our attitude, confidence and competence in our voice. Attaining a professional and confident telephone manner is not only enjoyable; it can reap incredible rewards too.

When on the phone always remember to:

  • Be expressive
  • Be yourself.
  • Speak as you would to a friend, or more appropriately, a business colleague
  • Be personable, not impersonal
  • Smile – even if the person on the other end of the line cannot see you smile it conveys enthusiasm and sincerity
  • Use an appropriate volume – speak as if the person you are talking to were two or three feet away
  • Speak clearly – avoid slurring syllables or trailing off your sentences

Check your voice speed. The speed in which you talk can indicate your attitude. An ideal rate is between 150 and 160 words per minute. Speak faster and the person you are trying to sell to may doubt your credibility. Speak slower and there’s a danger the listener will lose interest.

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